Saturday, January 30, 2016

Exotic Birds Sensory Bin

Since we studied birds at home with my daughter I decided to continue with this theme at the daycare. I found an exotic birds' set, put some feathers in the bin so that children could guess which feather is from which bird. Everyone did well with this task but remembering names of the birds was a lot more difficult. The only ones they could name were a flamingo, an owl and the parrots.

We discussed birds colors, structure, size of wings and necks and so on.

After the sensory bin everyone went to paint a birdhouse which I made out of cardboard box and painted with white acrylic paint. It ended up looking very much like the one I did with my daughter a few moths ago. Every child painted his/her own side of the birdhouse or a part of the roof. Then they added stickers, feathers and plastic gems.


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