Monday, August 24, 2015

Cardboard Town

This is my town made of cardboard. It took me a few days to cut the pieces out, glue them together and paint them with acrylics. I used cardboard boxes, we have plenty of them all the time mostly from Amazon.

This town provides endless opportunities for role play. One of the little guys is pushing a shopping cart with groceries, another one is waiting for the train, kids are playing in the park. We played with it for days and my daughter didn't want any of her other toys.

The three houses, the grocery store, train station, road signs, traffic lights and the board itself are made of cardboard. No pieces are glued to the board, everything can be rearranged, removed or replaced with other buildings. This game reminds me of SimCity a lot. 

The great thing about it is that I can add another board next to it and continue to build the town in any direction. I am planning to add a police station, a school and a playground.



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