Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pasta Sorting

I dyed pasta for the first time using food coloring. I used five types of pasta and I colored every type of pasta into red, blue, yellow, green, light green, purple and orange colors.

I put pasta in a zip-lock bag, added food coloring and a little bit of water. I closed the bag letting air inside and shook it well to make sure all pieces are covered evenly. Then I poured water out of the bag, added more food coloring , shook the bag again and spread it on paper towel to dry.


I gave my daughter a muffin pan and Gator Grabber, Handy Scooper, Twisty Dropper and Squeezy Tweezer from Learning Resources set. She sorted pasta by type, not by color.


When she was done, I decided to stick drinking straws into Play-Doh and asked her to sort rigatoni pasta by color.

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