Thursday, June 11, 2015

Forest Sensory Bin

I couldn't wait to do a sensory bin with a temperate forest. We looked for ingredients together with my daughter and brought home a few leaves and pine cones. I had chestnuts and acorn left from last fall. 

I cut out birch tree trunks out of regular printer paper and taped them to the sides of the bin. Mushrooms are made of Play-Doh.  

We started with naming the plants; we had a few different kinds of leaves including maple and birch. I showed her how spruce needles are different from pine needles – short and sharp vs long and soft.

You can also do a little bit of math, for example, count acorn caps or put acorns, chestnuts and pine cones in a certain order and ask your child to continue the sequence.

Then we played with the animals. The fox was looking for bunny and squirrel while they were hiding from her. 

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