Thursday, May 21, 2015

African Savannah Sensory Bin

This is my first themed sensory bin in a series of bins with animals’ habitats. Discover African savannah and a great variety of animals that live there. We played with African animals from Fisher-Price Little People animal set. Water is made of tissue paper and grass is colored white navy beans. I used regular and neon food coloring to get two different shades of green. I painted trees on a piece of cardboard from a cardboard box using my daughter’s finger paint. I also added chestnuts, pom-poms and foam flowers.

We started by separating animals from birds and discussing which of them live in water, which walk on the grass and which climb on trees. We played a game where an elephant, a giraffe and a monkey were looking for their mothers. When each of them found their mom, they went to the river to drink water and swim. Some of them loved water and some of them didn’t. It was very entertaining for my daughter, she was very engaged in the game.

After that, we discussed which of the animals is the tallest, which is the biggest and which of them is the fastest runner. I told her about hot African climate and droughts. 

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