Thursday, May 21, 2015

Zoo Sensory Bin

Here is our zoo with colored navy beans and oatmeal. We did not have enough fences but our animals are very friendly so it was not a problem. You can experiment with different textures of the ingredients: use soft pom-poms, grains and pebbles.

We have already been to the zoo once and my daughter was most impressed with gorillas. I told her that animals that live in the zoo come from all around the world: African desert, jungle, high mountains and cold Antarctica. Tell your child what climates each of the animals is used to, what they are fed with at the zoo and how zoo keepers take care of them.

After that, Lego people came to our zoo and made friends with all the animals. They rode an elephant and a giraffe.

You can read "Going to the Zoo" by Tom Paxton and "Dear Zoo" by Rod Campbell. 

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