Friday, May 22, 2015

Farm Sensory Bin

We have already done a sensory bin with a farm once but it was a vegetable garden as the main theme there. Here, I wanted to focus on domestic animals. First, I asked my daughter to name all animals in the bin. Then, I told her why they live on the farm: a cow and a goat give milk, a hen lays eggs, a sheep gives wool etc.

After that, I named all baby animals – a foal, a calf, a lamb, a chick.

I took a book “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and sang about all animals we knew

I opened "My Big Animal Book" on a page with farm animals and let my daughter find animals we had in the bin on the pictures.

The best part was to play with the rooster. While it pecked seeds (yellow colored beans), I threw a couple black beans among them and the rooster was not happy about that and spit them out. My daughter was laughing at this and we repeated a few times.

You can read “Farmer Dale’s Red Pickup Truck” by Lisa Wheeler and “Let It Fall” by Maryann Cосса-Leffler.

Sensory bin ingredients: black beans, yellow colored beans, green shredded paper, marbles and blue construction paper. I painted the house on a piece of cardboard with acrylics.

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