Friday, May 22, 2015

Tropical Beach Gelatin Sensory Bin

Here is a tropical beach somewhere in Riviera Maya. Gelatin was a new ingredient for us and I am very happy I tried it. I mixed gelatin with water and heat it a bit until it completely dissolved. I poured it in a large container, added toy fish and put it in a fridge for the night. The nest morning I made a beach out of yellow colored beans and split peas and added more fish and seashells. I made beach towels and umbrellas out of construction paper.

At first, my daughter poked the jello with her finger but did not really want to touch it. She did not like that it was cold right out of the fridge, but as it warmed up to be of room temperature, she started grabbing fish and Lego people and playing with them. I think she enjoyed the jello overall.

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