Friday, May 22, 2015

Outer Space Sensory Bin

Space is a very complicated concept to grasp by a toddler; therefore, I tried to prepare well for this topic. I wrapped our bin in black construction paper and glued stars and planets to it. I put black beans on the bottom of the bin and made two astronauts and a satellite out of foil and painted them with acrylics. I made planets out of Play-Doh.

First, we looked out of the window at a night sky, saw a moon and tried to find stars. I told my daughter that space is far-far away in the sky and that it is dark and cold there. After that, we took planets of the Solar system out of the bin, named their colors and put them in order by their size. I showed her planet Earth and told her that we live there. Most likely she was not able to process this information but she memorized that our planet is blue and green. You can talk about light and dark, hot and cold and try to explain gravity to your child.

After that, we played with astronauts. They flew in outer space and fixed the satellite which broke a few times during our game. She loved this part of the game the most.

I covered a chair with a blanket, she climbed under it and we played as if she was flying on a spaceship.

When we got bored of playing, I gave her a few glow sticks and we danced in the dark.

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